Summernats Ultra Racing Gymkhana Challenge Round 2




Event Name: Summernats Ultra Racing Gymkhana Challenge 2014

Event Round: Round 2

Date: 30th August 2014(Saturday) and 31st August 2014 (Sunday)

Venue: Parking SIC, Sepang International Circuit

Sponsors: Ultra Racing , GT Radial, Prince Lubricants and Speedzone Motorsports.

Event Organiser: Wheelspin Motorsports and Kuraz Events.

Saturday 30th August 2014

An open gymkhana practice opened for the members of public to try out gymkhana.

No entry fees / participation fees was charged as we want to introduced and encourage more members of public to understand more and have a chance to try out gymkhana.

More than 60 participant registered and participated.

Coaching and guidance was given to the new comers by the regular gymkhanaians.

Safety briefing was given on 11am and the practice session commence till 6pm.

Sunday 31st August 2014

Competition day.

Competition divided into 2 main categories which is Precision Gymkhana and Open Gymkhana.

Precision Gymkhana require participant to race across the given layout with obstacles from point A to point B with rules where racers are not allowed to used their handbrakes or powerslide their car thru the turns. If caught doing so, a certain timed penalty will be added into their total run time.

Open gymkhana allows participants to race across the given layout with obstacles from Point A to Point B by all kinds of driving skills. There is no restrictions on pulling the handbrakes or drifting over the turns.

Both main categories are divided by Cylinder Capacity (CC) classes and special sub classes such as Ladies Class, FWD, RWD and AWD.

Winners are decided by the driver who completed the course with the fastest time.

A total of 58 participant from Malaysia and Singapore.

Event started at 11am and prize giving ceremony was held at 6pm.



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