How To Gymkhana? #howtogymkhana


101 Dummies Guide How to Gymkhana?

Check out the slides presented below, youtube video inside

Part 1: Definition
Part 2: Gymkhana Terms
Part 2: Gymkhana Terms
Part 3: The Differences
Part 4: Do’s
Part 5: Don’ts – hit cones – hit timing system – hit marshalls – hit drums – get WC (wrong course)
Part 6: After Sign Up, what’s next? Attend Driver’s Briefing Copy the Layout Do the course walk Stick sponsors stickers
Part 7: Start your engine Wait for your runs as mentioned in the briefing. Go for your timed runs Check your timing at the registration counter Take lots of photos and videos Make new friends
Part 8: Having Fun! Doesn’t matter if you win or lose Don’t forget to thank your friends who brought you here and also your sponsors and the organisers! Just give a shout out to them on facebook they will appreciate it! 🙂
Lastly : Learn from mistakes Everyone makes mistakes just takes lot’s of practice to perfect it! Bring a carcam, play it back see what you did and don’t make the same mistakes!

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