HIN Ultra Racing Gymkhana Challenge Penang happened on 2 Sept 2012  at P.I.S.A / Soon to be SETIA SPICE.

This event was sponsored by Ultra Racing , Qmax Racing , Red Line Oil, Venttec Door Visors, Racing Fit Motorsports and Synergy Radiators. And Organised by Kuraz Events & Wheelspin Motorsports

The event sought close to 30 participants consisting of KL Gymkhana Drivers and Penang Local Drifters and Gymkhana Drivers to compete for the Best Team ( KL vs Penang) award. There were also participants from northern area from Kedah that came to join in the fun day at PISA.


2012 (Malaysia Race of Champions) MROC Champion Mitch Chong and his fellow friends from KL came along to join in the fun and brought an exciting “drift demo” with his Strawberryfields-satria Stunt which made the crowd cheer for him.


Malaysian Girl Drifter Leona Chin came to Penang to showcase her BMW E60 which is powered by a Nissan V8 Engine under the hood . Many spectators came out from the stadium to catch the drift demo scene.


One of the youngest racers in the event , Tommy Ho 20, from KL brought along his pretty GF and his Team Rev Monkies with his awesome Ultra Racing souped up car to join Penang’s Gymkhana



A Proud little Red Line Oil Perodua Kelisa driven by Jeff Lee  wasn’t slow, it was quick, nimble and swift!


Malaysian Favorites, Proton Satria for Gymkhana is one of the best and affordable cars for gymkhana.

Hugo Mavrick and Kenny Kuan and Deon Yeang  Made Front Wheel Drive cars seem so easy to “drift”!


Rear Wheel Drivers were the stars of the event!

They smoked the arena with donuts and skills with their MRS, Silvia S15, 180sx, Cefiro, KE70, RX7, AE86, and MX5.




Chan Brothers from Penang came over with 2 Drifters for drift demo and video shooting.


Video (Tie Breaker) Ken Erai Vs Deon Yeang



more photos on FACEBOOK : Kuraz Events


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